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Changing How You View The Card

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After nearly a month of using cash to pay for my daily expenses, I am very much excited with the results to my finances. Not only am I much healthier financially, but my confidence as a consumer has i.... read more

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Evaluating Your Expenses

From time to time, it is important to evaluate your expenses because they can change so much. The budget that you created last year and have been sticking to faithfully might have to be redone once yo.... read more

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Why You Need to Set up a Budget as Soon as Possible

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "Where is all of my money going?" It's possible you are spending too much money, and in order to become financially healthy, you will want to know what you are spend.... read more

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Financial Planning 101

We all may think financial planning is only for large companies, but that would not be true. Financial planning is for everyone and if you are not planning than you will not have finances in the futur.... read more

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Personal Budget 101

Have you ever wonder how the rich became rich? Did they have a better education than you? How did they know what to do? Many of us have asked these question and have all come up with the same answer. .... read more

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Creating a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget

Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding and the cost of a wedding these days are around twenty thousand dollars. I believe most of us can't afford a twenty thousand dollar wedding. I know I want a be.... read more

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