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Creating a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget

Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding and the cost of a wedding these days are around twenty thousand dollars. I believe most of us can't afford a twenty thousand dollar wedding. I know I want a beautiful wedding with a great wedding budget. I have found a few tips to help plan a beautiful wedding on a budget.

Become your own Wedding Planner

A wedding planner cost a lot of money. You will be able to save money when you plan your own wedding. To plan your wedding buy a three ring folder, to keep track of your ideas, plans, food, flowers and dress. In your folder you should have dividers to keep it organized. I have put together a way to keep your folder organized.

  • Budget, put a copy of your budget in the front of the folder.
  • Dress, have a picture of your dress and contacts for alterations in your folder.
  • Invitations, put a copy of your invitations and a guest list in your folder
  • Flowers, put a picture of your flowers in the folder.Keep contact information for the florist.
  • Cake, put a picture of your cake in the folder. Keep contact information on the baker.
  • Food, put pictures of all options in the folder and keep contact information on chief.
  • Bridesmaid, put pictures of dress and bridesmaids contact in folder.
  • Groomsmen, put pictures of tuxes and contact information in folder.
  • Venue, have pictures and contact information of manager. Have a list of times you are to be there and when you have to leave.
  • Chaplin, have contact information and vows in folder.

These are some of the major areas of planning a wedding. You may have more areas to put in your folder. Just remember to have photos, contact information, times, date and amount you are paying. Planning your wedding is a big job but with a budget this can help cut cost.

You an Assistant Photographer

You may have found a wonderful photographer but they can be a bit pricey. To be able to cut cost,ask if the photographer you wanted has an assistant which could be available for your wedding photos. This could save you a lot of money and help you stay in budget. Don't buy cameras which will need to be developed later, this could become very costly after the wedding. Have a few friends take pictures during your wedding to capture those one of a kind moments. If you use a digital camera, you can pick and chose which picture you would like.

Wedding Cake

A large wedding cake can cost a quit a bit. Another alternative is it to buy a smaller cake and to have sheet cakes in the back cut and ready to serve. If the sheet cakes match your smaller cake no one will know about the sheet cakes. You can have a larger cake and not add as many design on it or have a simple large cake. You could add fresh flower instead of sugar flowers which cost more than real flowers. Wedding cakes could be a big expense but you can cut some of the cost with a few easy tricks.

Open Bars

Having an open bar is a big expense and could cost as much as the honeymoon. If you want to have drinks at the wedding why not have wine or beer to sever your guest. I really like the idea of having one signature drink which the couple enjoys. This lets your guest to feel more apart of the wedding and they will be able to get to know you better. If you have an open bar, you can set a time limit on when the bar is open and let the guest know the time when it is closing. This is an easy way to cut cost from your wedding budget.


Flowers are a large cost at a wedding. You need flowers for all the members in the wedding party, for the church and for the reception hall. You can buy flowers whole sale and put together the arrangements yourself. When planning your wedding look for flower which are in season and use those for your wedding. You can find two kinds of flowers to use for your wedding , which will cut the cost of shiping. Flowers are a large cost for a wedding and with these few tips you can keep to your wedding budget.

Center Pieces

Center pieces help to create the feeling of a wedding but they can be costly. When you think of center pieces try to find nontraditional ways to create a center pieces. You can use all different kinds of mediums and create a look which matches the bride and groom. Here are a few ideas of what to place in a center pieces.

  • Pictures of bride and groom.
  • Candles, which can be floating or pillars.
  • Books with can match the theme.
  • Mirrors to help with illumination.
  • Vases of many different sizes.
  • Mason Jars to create a country feel.

There are so many more ideas you can come up with to create the perfect center pieces, for your wedding. I hope these ideas have helped to create budget friendly center pieces.


All wedding need music to get the party started, but this could become very costly. A band has to be paid hourly, which is an expense if you want them there for the whole wedding. You may want to go with a DJ at your wedding. DJ have a flat rate and will play the music you would like to hear. You can also, put together a playlist for the wedding and have a friend help you with playing the songs at the right time. You can have friends play at your wedding as a wedding gift. These are some ways to help you keep on your wedding budget.

RSVP by Email

When you send out the invitation have the guest RSVP by email which can cut cost in postage. If you have a wedding web page set up have them go there and RSVP and let you know which meal they would like. This will keep the RSVP's organized and the meals organized too. We do live in a modern age so let technology help you save money.

Hair and Make-Up

If you hire a stylist to do your hair and make-up it could cost you quite a bit of money. You could have a friend who you admirer their hair, to do your hair. Before you decided, have your friend try a couple of hair dos on you. If you like what you see than have her do your hair for the wedding. Have the friend come and do your hair for the rehearsal dinner and rehearsals for the wedding. Then find another friend who you admirer their make-up and her her try a few looks on you. If you like what you see have her do your make for the wedding and other occasions involving the wedding. This will help you save money and create closer friendships.


The most expensive thing at the wedding is the wedding dress. We all dream about our wedding dress and want to have the most beautiful one on our wedding day. Some of the dress you can purchase for the wedding can cost as much as a car, but you only wear it once. There are store which sell their floor dress or have huge sales. You need to find place in which they are having a sale on a wedding dress. You can buy a gown for under a thousand dollars if you shop just right. There is a place in Maine which sells discounted dress which are still in season. You can get a name brand dress for five to eight hundred dollars. If you look around you will find a dress for your perfect day with a price to match your wedding budget.

I hope these tips have helped you learn of way to create a beautiful wedding on a budget. After the wedding you have a long life of budgeting, so that you can have a stress free financial life.


09/13/2013 1:26am
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09/28/2013 1:52am
Finding this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!
10/18/2013 10:39am
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11/03/2013 6:20am
You really found a way to make this whole process easier.
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Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem solved.
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Going to put this article to good use now.
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That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.
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The honesty of your posting is there for all to see
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Free knowledge like this doesn't just help, it promote democracy. Thank you.
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Hats off to whoever wrote this up and posted it.
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Your honesty is like a beacon
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I am forever indebted to you for this information.
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