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Top Ten Expenses in Your Budget

Have you ever wondered were all your money was going? Do you have a budget and you see the high cost of things. I know I looked at my budget and wonder where are all of these high cost were coming from. When I saw my phone bills, cable bill and many other bills; I wondered where was all my money was going. I have looked into ways to help you cut back expenses in your budget.

Cable TV

Cable TV is an expenses which cost quit a bit of money. You always seem to have to pay more in fees every month. You can cut the cable or you can find a better plan which allows you to save some money. The other thought about cable, is do you really ever watch it as much as you pay for it. If you don't, then stop having cable all together. I realized I never watched my T.V. and rented movie more. So I decided to cut my cable off. This is a large expenses which can be used for other forms of entertainment.

Home Phone

A home phone use to be a necessary, but today it is not. If you have cell phone, you do not need the home phone. There are way to cut back the high price of the home phone bill, by cut off long distances, caller id and any other add fee you may see on your bill. If you have a cell phone, you don't need to pay for long distances twice. I found I was paying for many of the same features on my phones, so I cut my home phone off. You may not be able to cut off your home phone completely, but you can cut some of the cost of it. You may have to answer the phone and not know who you are talking to. This could save you a twenty-five dollar fee, which is better in pocket than out of pocket. You can find ways to cut back expenses if you look on your home phone bill.

Cell Phone

Cell phone are things we once lived without, but we need them for everything we do today. I recently look at my cell phone bill. What I found on my bill, were charged for serves I was not using. I had my provider cut back the services I was not using. Look over your cell phone bill monthly will help you cut back on expenses. Make sure you are using all of the serves you have on your cell phone bill. I know I was able to cut out twenty dollars from my internet services; which I was not using. I also, found minutes I was not using on my phone plan. You may be able to cut  back on expenses on your cell phone bill.

Utility Bills

We all have utility bills which have to be paid, but there are ways to cut back on there high cost. Have all the members of your household turn off light when leaving the room. Have energy efficient light bulbs put in lamps. Unplug appliances when you are not using them. Take shorter showers and conserve the water. Try hang out your laundry to save energy. There are so many ways to cut back the high expenses of utility bills.

Internet Services

We all need the internet to help with our everyday lives. Internet providers can cost quit a bit and there may be hidden fees to look out for. When you go to look for an internet provider make sure you have found the best price possible. You do not want to be over charge or have a bad internet connections. Be wise and shop around for your internet service. If you shop around for the best deals on the internet, than you can cut back some of the expense it could have cost you.

Over Charged Fees

An over charged fee is were you charge your credit card more than is available on your credit card. This can happen on your bank account as well. This can cause your interest rate to go higher and a higher minimum payment. If you don't pay your bills on time than you are charged a fee for that as well. You need to pay bills on time. This can create a new expense for your budget. If you keep track of your spending than you will not create new expenses for your budget.


Most of us have debt and have to work to pay it off. Debt is what has many of us in bondage and we are all working to get out of it. When paying off your debt, pay more than the minimum to your principal. This can help eliminate the expense of paying out money you could be saving. While you are working your way out of debt try not to create more debt. This could be frustrating for you and cause you to lose the budget you have established. When you eliminate your debt you can eliminate a large expenses from your budget.


We all need to go and buy food to keep us healthy. What we do not need is to go out to eat and spend large sums of money on food we could have made at home. When you go out to eat it can be up to three times the amount of what you could have spent at the grocery store. If you prepared the meal at home, you can save money and eat better for your health. This being said, it is fine to go out on occasion but some of us go out four to six times a week. If you want to cut expenses from your budget this is one way to do it. When you do cut back going out to eat. You will find you have more money in the bank and have cut an expense from your budget.


We all have to drive to work, but we can carpool or take public transportation to cut back on the expense of travel. If you work far from home try to find a co-work who lives just as far to ride together to work. Try to not take as many trips into the city or use public transportation to go into the city. If you use your vehicle less, than the maintain will be less, gas will be less and oil changes will be less. This can save you a lot of money and even let your car last longer. You can cut back the expense of travel with a few easy life changing tips.

Bad Habits

In our budget we may find we have bad habits with our money. I know my bad habit is buying to many clothes or over indulging in spending. Some of our bad habits can be costly, like smoking, drinking, over eating and spending to much. We all have bad habits which can become a great expense to our budgets. We need to learn to cut back on some of our bad habits, which can cost us quite a bit of money. When we cut back on our expenses we will have a better budget.

I hope you can use these tips to cut out any extra expenses you may have. I know I need to work on a few of these. To create a better budget with less expenses and more savings. This will help lead us to a stress free financial life.


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