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Top Five Budget Software Programs

When starting on a budget there are many different software programs to use or to look in to. I have had to try a few budget programs to find which works best for me. I hope to save you some time by reviewing these top five budget software tools. I hope this is helpful to you. Here are the top five software programs for you to use for your budgets.

Mint is an online budget program which helps with showing you the bigger picture of your finances. The program use the same security as the banks use. They can connect to both your computer and smart phone. Mint lets you know when you have an up coming bill, how much you have spent in the week, and how much debt you have. You can even set up a spending budget on your Mint account and they will let you know if you have over spent your budget. I use Mint and have found it to be very helpful to keep my budget.

Quicken Starter Edition

Quicken Starter Edition keeps all of your information in one place. You will be able to see where your money is going and how much you are spending. This program has an easy set up and a budget list already in places. You will get notice on both your smart phone and in your email of up coming bills. The program will update when bills are paid off and when you would like to save more. This program offer support if you have trouble with it. You can even work on your taxes with this program.

Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is for your computer use only. You can mange your money with spread sheets and create a budget. This programs main use is for at home on the computer. You have to place in all of your own data and work from scratch. You may need to be computer savvy to work with this program.

Savvy Money

Savvy money is a program to get you out of debt. You can create a game plan to get out of debt. The game plan can be track with your computer or smart phone. With this program you will learn about debt and how to pay it off. You will be able to set a goal, for a monthly payment on all of your debt. The program set up a smart pay plan, which you can follow. As you follow your plan you will see your debt decrease. They will track your progress and give you options to accelerate you payment plan to pay off debt faster. This is a great tool to help us get out of debt.

My Spending Plan

My spending plan allows you to work on creating a budget, saving money, and living with in a budget. With this program you can create a budget for you life style and learn to live with in your budget. You will be able to find tips on saving money. You will be given update when bills are due. You will be able to see the whole picture of your finances. You will be able to work towards paying off your debt. This program is easy to learn and offer a lot of support.

Here are the five budget software programs I have review to help you get started on your budget. If you find you like any of these programs let me know. If you have found other budget software program; which can be helpful, let me know. I hope you will be well on your way to living a stress free financial life.


09/12/2013 6:09am
There are really two areopachps to this. It depends on what your goal is.If your goal is to see an immediate improvement in your credit scores, then you should pay on the cards that are closest to their limit. This will lower your utilization percentage, which should boost your score.If your goal is to pay off your debt faster then you should put the money towards the account with the highest interest first. Then once that one is paid off, snowball it by applying the freed up monthly payment towards the card with the next highest interest, etc.
09/14/2013 3:12am
Obama was born in Hawaii. Doesn’t really matter if his Kenyan father was around for the birth or not. By current law he is a US citizen. People who question this make themselves look foolish or worse.Likewise, it is wrong to blame Obama for the meltdown of the US economy and for our soaring national debt. George W Bush and his party drove the US economy over a cliff before Obama was ever elected. Ronald Reagan very nearly bankrupted the country during the 1980s. Republicans are to blame for this mess. They love to spend trillions of dollars on unnecessary wars and a bloated imperial military. They all believe in Republican Big Government, but unlike Democrats, they want to put it all on the government’s credit card. Republicans spend like crazy but then cut taxes to corporations and the wealthy. They cut off government revenue and thus create these huge budget deficits. And they refuse any talk about restoring taxes to a responsible level that would end the deficits — so they are not serious about cutting deficits or paying off the national debt. They want to use the debt as an excuse to end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid needs to be reformed and greatly trimmed back. But Social Security and Medicare are vital programs that are supported by payroll taxes. There is no reason to end them. So if the choice is to have a black president and keep Social Security and Medicare, or to have a white Republican president and end these programs, I will vote for Obama — just like I did in 2008. I don’t want to have to go off and die under a bridge when I get old.
09/17/2013 1:49am
The short answer is yes–filing bankruptcy will affect your business. First of all, let’s start by saying just a little about bankruptcy itself. By filing bankruptcy you are saying that you are insolvent or unable to pay your debts. There are a couple of different types of bankruptcy a person can file; a chapter 13 which is a re-organization of debts, meaning that you have some ability to pay your creditors back but you cannot pay them as originally agreed. So you may get to pay them on a lesser amount on an adjusted time schedule that doesn’t usually go beyond 7 years. The other type is a chapter 7 where you declare that you have no money to pay any of your creditors back and your debts are wiped out and so is your credit. (You should see an attorney for full details on both types of bankruptcy. Now, having said that, when you apply for a credit card–right after filing bankruptcy or just before filing bankruptcy, you are saying that you CAN pay your debts. Hmmmm, now your bankruptcy looks like fraud. At any rate, should you elect to file bankruptcy then try to start a business, you should know that trying to obtain credit could be a challenge. While it is possible, know that it can be a negative stigma for several years so expect interest rate and up charge penalties and frowns from the establishments. You may have problems trying to do simple things like setting up a merchant account or opening a bank account or run the risk of looking shady to your clients should they find out. If you elect to file a chapter 13, it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain any new credit without court approval – a lengthy process (again, see an attorney for better detail here). If you file a chapter 7 you may be able to obtain additional credit once you have been discharged (it takes about 6-10 months to get discharged in the state of GA) , but if you have not corrected the problem that created the financial insolvency in the first place, then you may find yourself in a similar situation (unable to pay your debts) but without a legal remedy. You see, once you file bankruptcy (chapter 7), you are unable to file again for 10 years. So should you re-create the credit problem, then your credit could be perpetually in the toilet and worse you could have judgments and liens against your bank accounts, your home or any assets you own and there would be little you could do about it. Okay, so if you really need to file bankruptcy see a good attorney who can advise you what things are legal and what things are illegal. In this climate, many creditors are suing bankruptcy filers for fraud –too much information to give here — but it is happening. I’m not giving you this information to scare you, but to help inform you on some of the things you may want to consider as you make your decision about bankruptcy filing and starting a business. As a previous responder suggested, when you are small, all creditors will want you to be the personal guarantor for any loans or bank accounts etc. And remember, banks, lending institutions and vendors do business with businesses all day and have seen many tricks of the trade. They have a responsibility to their business to shield themselves from those that seek to defraud, so unfortunately even the good guys can get the wrong end of the stick as businesses all over do their best to protect themselves against unnecessary losses and risk. Bottom line, here’s how a creditor will look at your situation: if you have enough money to start a business, then you have enough money to pay your creditors. If you don’t have enough money to pay your creditors, then you don’t have enough money to start a business proper. While that logic may not be TRUE, it is how a creditor will view your situation. It would be up to you present another vantage point.Do your homework, get informed by the right people then make your decision. It’s not hopeless, just takes a little more pencil work to figure out a good solution. Good luck!
09/19/2013 3:45am
Obama did not have two parents American Citizens at the time of birth. But his mother (?) question mark was American, which made him an American but not a Natural Born American. He could only be a citizen of America do to his Mother or he became a naturalized citizen. But read below. He can not hold office of the President, and he can’t change that. So what do we do about it? Its all true in black and white!A naturalized citizen is a foreign national who is granted citizenship in the United States after fulfilling certain requirements. In addition to the United States, many other nations offer naturalization to people who wish to apply for citizenship. The naturalization laws for various countries are typically available through their departments of immigration.There are two basic categories of United States citizens. A natural citizen is someone born in the United States or born to American parents on foreign soil. A naturalized citizen is someone who was born in a foreign country, but took a series of steps with the end goal of being granted citizenship.In the United States, you can become a naturalized citizen if you have been a legal resident of the United States for at least five years and you are over the age of 18. In addition, applicants for naturalization must demonstrate “good moral character,” as well as a knowledge of the English language and the history of the United States. The citizenship application process can take anywhere from six months to two years, and once approved, a naturalized citizen has all of the rights and responsibilities of a United States citizen, although he or she is barred from serving in the offices of President and Vice President.
09/21/2013 12:32pm
Stick with the wet food if you can. The dry can cause Urinary infections and crystals in the urine. (it sucks the moisture from your cats body, which is also why most cats on dry food drink lots of water) Also can cause other health issues and (hairballs) but I won’t go into that whole long schpeel. (I have experience working as a vet assistant and working for a pet nutrition store)Most dry food is cooked and processed so many times that most of your proteins and extra vitamins and minerals are cooked down (leaving very little “nutrition”)Also, if you look at most dry foods, the first few ingredients are normally corn, rice or some other ingredient that isn’t MEAT. Your cat is a carnivore, it needs meat.STAY AWAY FROM SCIENCE DIET!! ITS ALL CORN NO MEAT! (look on the label if you don’t believe me {starch was the first ingredient on some of the ones I looked at}) (Vets only recommend this stuff because their “nutrition” class in vet school is (Optional) and only an 8 hr course. And guess who teaches the class????? The Hills company that owns Science Diet….go figure right? Also VARIETY VARIETY VARIETY! That is key to keeping your cat allergy free, try to mix up your protein source as often as possible (even switching brands all together every now and then is a good thing). (Good for wet and dry foods)The more of one protein you push on the animal, the more likely it can develop an allergy to that protein.If you decide against the “all wet” diet, then look for a dry food that has the first ingredient as a MEAT (NOT A BY PRODUCT OR A MEAL) They always try to throw you off with (Beef Meal) Its not the same! Example of what you want; (Beef, chicken, tuna, salmon) (Don’t feed too much fish though because of all the mercury. Limit to like 1-2 cans of fish a week at most)NOT; (Beef meal, Beef by-product or beef by-product meal)A “Meal” is just the protein (ex. chicken) that is cooked down so many times that it turns into a liquid, then it is added to the dry and cooked again and again and again, then added in vitamins at the last stage. So how good can that be?And a “By product” or “by-product meal” Don’t even get me started. (by-products are parts of the animal {yes clean} but not what you (yourself) would want to eat) (Feathers bones and other gross stuff) why feed that to a cat? Or dog for that matter?This “Meal, By-product and by-product meal” is “Alright” as a second or third ingredient in the food, because the cats do get SOME by-products in the wild. As long as it’s not the first ingredient and the first ingredient is a GOOD source of protein, you’ll be good to go.If you are concerned about budget, when I was on a tight budget, my cat lived on canned Friskies. (They come in large cans too) and depending on where you live, they offer that at .99 cent stores (bought for .89 cents a can but you’re limited flavors) and they are very affordable at Wal-Mart and petco.If you go with the dry food, avoid “free feeding”(They aren’t goats or cattle), this causes obesity and other health issues. Your cat should eat when you put the food down and whatever isn’t gone within 30mins, is food for the next feeding. The better the food, the longer happier and healthier life your kitty will have.As far as litter goes. I get the clumping multiple cat with the fresh scent. (Scoop away or tidy cats) There is also a cheaper good litter by “Priority” I don’t know if it’s available everywhere, but its very cheap, clumps great, but has a tendency to be a little dusty, so wait a bit after you first dump the litter in the cat box (if its enclosed).Hope this info helps you!
09/23/2013 2:11am
They will likely show as paid delinquencies unless you take action. Credit repair should get these and all other negative marks off your bureau. Usually companies charge hundreds of dollars to simply pull your credit and send correctly worded dispute letters—this is the key…..people will tell you that you can do this yourself for free but the truth of the matter is that the credit bureaus will throw your letters away or simply reject them. There is an easy to use online kit that will deliver the results you want available for just $19.95 at the source website. A similar kit is being sold via infomercials and radio talk shows for seventy dollars more but they try to solicit you repeatedly for other services after the fact.
09/26/2013 3:35am
About cat litter, if it’s not a kitten anymore get the clumping kind, best without any fragrance, cats have sensitive smell and could refuse to go to the box if they don’t like it.As for the food, I wouldn‘t really recommend feeding any dry food. Cats are designed to get their water from food. That’s the way nature designed them, they have low thirst drive. When fed dry, they won’t drink enough to compensate for the lack of moisture. They will only consume about 50% of the water they should be having. This can lead to kidney disease, UTI, crystals, blockage, renal failure and more.Free feeding also contributes to obesity. And the fact that dry food is over-processed means, that most of it’s little nutrition has been already destroyed, leaving almost no nutrients for your cat. It needs to eat more to meet it’s needs, and in the process consumes more calories from the fillers.Btw wetting the dry food will not help. There’s bacteria on the kibble and the water would just allow it to grow.The only way to give the cat it’s natural hydration is to feed it wet food only.But some wet foods are not of a very high quality, either. That goes for most commercial foods. Just like the dry, they are often made with cheap fillers such as corn, wheat, soy, rice etc. These are not a part of cat’s natural diet (it’s an obligate carnivore – it eats meat) and they are not designed to digest it. Grain is carbohydrate which the cats can’t process and it turns into blood sugar and fat, causing diabetes and obesity. In the wild, where cats only hunt for meat, diabetes and obesity are unheard of. It’s us who cause these by feeding a species inappropriate food.We usually read labels on our food, but rarely on the food for our cats. Learn to read the label and understand the ingredients. The healthiest food to feed apart from raw feeding is grain-free wet food with no by-product. Some good brands are Wellness CORE, EVO, Merrick, Nature’s Variety, Blue Buffalo Wilderness and more. Good Budget food would be Petsmart’s Authority. These will give your cat the proper hydration and nutrition it’s designed to get and it will be strong and healthy.If you switch it’s diet, do it gradually, by mixing the current food with the new one over couple of weeks until there’s only the new. This will prevent diarrhea and upset stomach.You will probably get a lot of different answers, so google feline nutrition or look at the links below, and do the research for yourself. I personally wasn’t able to find one reliable source (besides the pet food industry) that would say grain is beneficial for cats or that dry is beneficial for them.More on cat nutrition below, Good luck!
10/18/2013 10:39am
NO NO NO NO.. DON'T DO IT!Ok, I'm a financial<a href=""> asvdior</a>.. so here goes.Your credit card company wont tell you this, but if you are late.. even a day over, they can punch your rate up to 30% or whatever they want. Also, say you pay it on time and they simply don't get it hello 30%. No excuses. You pay.Now you don't want to get stuck with a 30-100k bill at 30%. Now that this horrrible administration has taken out the personal joe's ability to declare bankruptcy and that credit cards are changing minimum payment laws so that minimum payments will be much higher.. I advise you to stear clear of this. Hope that when you get done you can get into a program (they are out there) that will allow you to drop your interest rate by 1% after 24 months of ontime payments and another .25% if you make it auto pay Look, some of the lowest rates you'll see should be on student loan rates. When I went rates were at 8%. That's not so bad..The only reason I'd say to pay it off is if you can secure it to a lower secured credit line like a home equity loan (if rates dump again). But since student loans are federally guaranteed, you should be able to defer or forbear most if you decide to go back to school later, or get that degree you thought you wouldn't need. If you switch this principle amount out of a guarenteed student' loan, that money is no longer eligible for a forbearance or deferance.Good question Hey here's a thought though if you ever plan on having a home of your own.. get a credit card, but KEEP YOUR PRINCIPLE DOWN BELOW 30%.. in other words, if your limit is 1000 bucks, never use more than $330. Why? Because the credit agencies will see you as being desperate for money and will drop your score if you use more than that. Keep in mind that you want to build up your score now so that when you want a good credit card, or low mortgage rate on a home.Good luck!!Jason
10/28/2013 8:00am
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