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Leave That Credit Card at Home

Home, where the credit card is

Last night, I was reviewing my credit card expenses, and realized that I needed to take action to cut my credit card spending. Have you ever felt that way? Perhaps a majority of the world's credit card users have experienced that feeling at some time, but just have no idea what to do to remedy the situation. Last night, the idea came to me to just leave the credit card at home. Not to put it away in some box, but to just leave it on my desk. I plan on leaving it there for about a week.

I imagine that credit card to be like "brakes" on my financial goals. Every time I swipe that card is like stepping on the "brakes". Well, I looked at that card and imagined it to be like hot brakes that really needed a little bit of time to cool off. Day 1 into my adventure of reduced spending, and I'm satisfied! What do you think of this idea? Leave a comment below!


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