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Cooking on a Budget: Ten Helpful Tips

We have all seen the high prices of food and only see them raising higher. Budgeting for food may be hard for us to do, but in the end it will be worth it. If you can use a few of these tips you may be able to cut back on your food budget. I have work with some of these tips in my own budget and have seen them work. I hop these tips will help you.

Plan Your Meals

Before you go to the grocery store plan out your week worth of meals. Places everything you need on a list and only buy from that list. You may want to look at weekly ads to find good deals on food items at local grocery store. If you plan out your meals you will know what to buy and how much you need to buy. When you over buy food it will go bad and you will have lose money. Always plan your meals and make a list to go to the grocery store. I know this has helped me save money and given me guidelines to shop by.

Stock up on Dry Foods

When you find a good deal on dry food, which will not spoil, buy it to place in your stock. When you stock up on food you will be able to save money on food. Thing I like to stock up on are dried beans, noddles, rice, canned goods, spices, herbs and dry cereals. When I find them on sale I like to stock up on them. Stocking up on food will allow you to save money and trips to the grocery store.

Buy in Bulk

When you buy in bulk, you need to have the storage space for all your food. If you need freezer bags, container and jars to place your food in; have them ready to use. When you come home place all your food in their container and put them away. You will be able to save if you divide the food into multiple meals. When buying in bulk look for coupons which will allow you to save more money.

Eat Leftovers

We all end up with leftovers and most of us do not like to eat them. Leftovers are great for lunches the next day. You may be able to use them in the next nights meal. If you throw out food you are wasting money. Some times I use leftovers as a meal plan for one night. We all eat different leftovers and get to choose what we each enjoy to eat.

Don't Make too Much

Another money saving tip; is don't make too much food. If you make to much food, you will have leftovers,which no one will want to eat for days. Try to make about the same amount for every meal. If you find you have some hungry people after a meal make a little bit more for the next meal. I know when I was in college I tend to make more food than I could eat and it would go bad. I would have wasted the ingredients in the meal and spent money on food I could not eat.

Cook from Scratch

There are many meals we can make from scratch, which will help you save money on food. You can learn to make beans from scratch, which will save you the cost of buying canned beans. Your beans will last longer and are cheaper if you buy them dry. You can make your own meatballs and buying the ground beef could save you money. You will also, be able to use the ground beef for other meals. There are so many thing you can do yourself and save money on your food bill.

Buy Food in Season

When you go to the grocery store look for veggies which are on sale. When vegetables are on sale, they are in season. You want to buy food that is in season because it is cheaper than food that is out of season. You can go to a local farmers market to buy local food which is in season. This may be cheaper than buy vegetables at the grocery store. I like to buy in season food because it gives you a chance to try need recipes.

Buy Food on Sale

When you are planning you meals for the week look for food which is on sale. You will be able to save more money and still have a menu plan. You may be able to find good prices on your stock items and on meat prices. Before I go to the grocery store I like to look through all of the advertisement to find who may have the best prices on food. I will also, look on web pages to find any coupons to print. When you buy on sale you save money for your budget.

Don't Buy Brand Names

When I was growing up my mother brought name band food. If you purchase name brand food, you are paying for the name not the quality of food. You can buy the same products for less, which will save you money on your food budget. I don't buy name brands because they are much higher in cost than other food names. You may want to try different brands till you find the one you like but in the end it will save you money.

Use Coupons

Before I go to the store, I look for coupons to help save me money. Some coupons can be doubled at your local grocery store. If you shop with coupons, it like shopping with free money. You save on items you need at the grocery store and save money for your budget. I have a little rolodex in my purse to help keep track of all of my coupons and I don't have trouble remembering my coupons when I go to the grocery store. When cooking on a budget try to shop with coupons to save money.

These are some of the tips you can use when cooking on a budget. I know I only use some, but if I would really work at it I could save more money on my food budget. I hope these tips will help you live a stress free financial life.


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