Make It Automatic

In this age of technology and having information at our fingertips we are privileged to have the ability to interact and make use of our money in plenty of different ways. We have dozens of resources available to us that make it easier to track, budget, monitor, increase, tax, and otherwise keep up with our money. However, out of all these tools, there is one specific one that can make a huge amount of difference in your financial life. That tool is the process of making your finances automatic.

Having everything automated here is the key. The idea behind having your money put in a system of being largely (if not completely) automated is essentially based on the concept that the less you’re fussing around with your money - the more of it you’re going to have and the smoother your financial life is going to flow.

By automating everything you take the guesswork out of managing your money. If you live like most people do then you probably have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be making each month and what your expenses tend to be. There are always some variables like gas prices and groceries and such but you can usually make a pretty accurate guess as to the range they’re going to be in for any given month.

So take this information and put it to the very best use you can - that of taking more control over your finances and simultaneously making things a lot simpler for you in the money department. See when you begin to automate everything in your financial life as much as possible what you’re actually doing is setting yourself up for repeated success again and again.

The first step is to simply take stock of the money flowing in and out of your possession each month. How much does each paycheck in? What bills do you have? How much are you putting aside to save or invest? Just doing a thorough overhaul or your financial awareness will make a big difference.

The next step is to find as many ways as you can to put that money in an automatic system. The most obvious ones are by signing up for direct deposit so that your checks are automatically sent to your bank account, and enrolling in automatic bill pay. Another step to being more automatic is to have your mortgage payment (if you have one) taken out automatically but to divide it up into two lumps sums over the month. By doing that you actually end up paying an entire extra months payment during the year without even knowing it - which helps you out in the long run.

Also consider having monthly purchases like groceries or cell phone bills automated. Just pay attention to when you have specific amounts of money on hand and time your bill payments so they coincide with your incoming cash. Be sure to always have a little extra money in your account to prevent any fees or charges.

By making everything in your account automatic you can easily reduce the stress of paying bill and you wont have to worry about being charged late fees or overdraft charges and on top of that your credit will be great!